Paying tax is a fact of business life. As Benjamin Franklin once said: “Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” But now there’s an upside to ATO payments – the chance to earn American Express membership rewards points that can be redeemed for flights, hotels, digital gadgets, books, wine and whatever else your Amex rewards programme offers.   

Paying the ATO with Amex? Can you really earn full points? 

The short answer is yes. With RewardPay you can earn your normal full points allocation as with any other Amex card payment rather than half the points if you were paying the ATO directly with your Amex. Traditionally, businesses received reduced points  incentives for ATO payments. But with a high points-earning American Express credit card and a RewardPay account, you can watch the points pile up. Our secure, end-to-end encrypted systems ensure PCI Data Security Standard compliance and the process is straightforward - it just takes a couple of clicks. 

Sky-high rewards, down-to-earth rewards, employee incentives

Business owners love Amex’s membership rewards programme because it’s the most flexible, rewarding card points programme in the market. You can use your points with a huge variety of airlines, hotel chains,for other travel expenses, vouchers etc  and use the points to reward yourself, your employees, your customers or your suppliers. With RewardPay you can maximise your points earn from your everyday business expenses and use these points to reward those around you.   

“I've used them for airfares, I’ve used them for hotels, I’ve used them for rental cars, merchandise, office supplies and a weekend away with my wife, once in a while. But most of the time I use points to reward staff. In fact, I’ve even rewarded one of my suppliers. I sent him a case of good quality red wine paid for with reward points.”

RewardPay user

Why we choose to partner with American Express 

RewardPay partners with Amex because there’s more in it for you. Of all the cards available in Australia, American Express cards offer the highest points earn rate. For example, if you choose an American Express Membership Platinum Card you can earn 2.25 membership rewards points for every $1 you spend, and with RewardPay you get 2.25 membership rewards points per $1 for ATO payments as well ( normally 1 point per $ if you pay ATO direct).

On-time ATO payments

Aside from earning points for your ATO payments, RewardPay offers future and scheduled payments, providing reassurance that your tax payments happen on time.

Cash flow advantages that help your business to thrive

Use the up to 51 days interest free period to help you manage your monthly cashflow. If you use RewardPay and Amex to pay your weekly / monthly payments then you can take advantage of the interest free period to ensure you manage your cashflow without having to pay expensive short term interest costs or a line of credit.  This extra time can be invaluable during temporary cash flow challenges.

“The biggest reason why I joined RewardPay was because it gave me the flexibility of maybe another 50 some days of cash flow without having to apply for a loan to the bank.”

RewardPay user


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A small price to pay for flexibility and rewards 

For a small outlay, RewardPay simplifies your monthly payments process, including ATO payments and allows you to earn Amex membership rewards points and gives you up to 55 days interest-free credit. 

It costs nothing to join RewardPay; charges are applicable only when you actively utilise our service. Once registered, you gain access to a user-friendly dashboard that makes it easy to add suppliers, businesses and other payees as needed.

Points earning that’s sky high 

ATO payments are just the start. You can also use the Amex/RewardPay connection to pay for all your other business expenses, including employees’ superannuation, rent, supplier payments, asset purchases and contractors . Some of these expenses aren’t usually payable with a credit card, but RewardPay makes it possible. 

Here’s a quick scenario to explain the added value you get by using RewardPay: 

If your business has $20,000 of business expenses per month, you could earn close to 400,000 Amex points every year. That’s the equivalent to travelling business class from Sydney to Hong Kong and back three times, and there will still be enough for a return business class trip between Sydney and Melbourne. 

Getting onto RewardPay before your next ATO payment 

It costs nothing to sign up for RewardPay. Fees only apply when you set up a payment through our portal. Watch a video and see our pricing.