Pay with RewardPay

Pay all your business expenses on your Amex with RewardPay even if they don't accept

RewardPay and American Express have teamed up to allow you to pay all your business expenses on your American Express, and earn reward points, even if suppliers don't accept.

Create a free account. Add supplier payment details and your card information.
RewardPay process your payment quickly and securely.
Your suppliers are paid via EFT or BPAY, and you receive your Amex rewards.

Why use RewardPay


Cash Flow

Take advantage of up to 51 additional cash flow days for your business.


Maximise Points

Earn up to 2 credit card reward points for every dollar you spend.


Early Discounts

Negotiate discounts with your suppliers for early payment.



Pay your Tax, Rent, Contractors, Super and more with your Amex


Use your Amex for more business spend and maximise your points with RewardPay’s low pricing.

Single payment amount* Rate %(+GST) **After Tax Rate
0 to < 20k 2.15% 1.61%
20k to < 100k 2.10% 1.58%
100K to < 300K 1.95% 1.46%
300K to <500K 1.90% 1.43%
500K to < 1M 1.80% 1.35%
1M-2M 1.75% 1.31%
2M+ 1.65% 1.24%

* Discounts only apply to individual supplier payments.
Any aggregated payments will not qualify for discount.
** Assumes tax rate of 25% and GST is claimed

Choose how many Qantas Points to earn on each RewardPay payment. Rates apply.

Qantas Points Rate %(+GST)
1 point per $2 spend 0.99%
1 point per $1 spend 1.8%
* T&C's apply