Whether you lodge business activity statements (BAS) monthly or quarterly, now there’s a way to be rewarded for every dollar you pay to the Australian Tax Office. By signing up with RewardPay, you can earn maximum American Express Membership Rewards points for GST, PAYG withholding tax, PAYG instalments and other regular taxes.

While paying BAS with a credit card isn’t new, in most cases you can’t get the full earn rate of points - and some credit cards offer no rewards at all for ATO payments. However, using RewardPay ensures you always optimise your points earning. The points you accumulate can be used for all the things your chosen Amex reward program offers, from flights and hotels to a full range of gift cards.  

The RewardPay portal is a stroke of genius 

The question that’s probably on your mind right now is “how do they do it”? Rest assured, it’s all legit and above board. RewardPay has simply created a secure payment portal that enables you to pay tax with your American Express Card in a way that earns up to two reward points for every $1 of tax paid.  Our systems are secure, end-to-end encrypted and compliant with PCI Data Security Standards. Here’s how the RewardPay process works: 

Manage cashflow with 50 days interest-free credit

Settling your BAS payments through Amex and RewardPay offers convenient cash flow benefits. You gain up to 50 days of interest-free flexibility, which proves invaluable during temporary cash flow challenges, and can even assist in reducing interest and fees on other loans.   

Reward yourself, your employees or your valued

The Amex points you gain by organising BAS payments through RewardPay offer a multitude of possibilities within your Amex card rewards program. You have the flexibility to indulge yourself, recognise and incentivise your employees, bring joy to your customers or even pleasantly surprise your suppliers.

How you can redeem rewards depends to a certain extent on the Amex card you use and the membership rewards program you choose. If you don’t have an Amex card, you can view the full range of rewards-connected cards on the Australian American Express website. You can also do live chat on their website, to work out which card and rewards program combination offers the most benefits for your business. 

Why Amex, rather than Visa or Mastercard? 

RewardPay partnered with Amex to offer the best-possible rewards earning rate for our members. In Australia, Amex cards stand out with the highest points-earning rates.

The other thing we like about American Express is the range of cards they offer. Personal card options include Platinum, Explorer, Qantas, Velocity (Virgin Australia) and Low Rate. Business card options include Platinum, Qantas, Explorer, Velocity and Gold. Choosing the best card for your needs is easy – you can do a live chat on their website or simply give them a call. 

A small price to pay for a significant return 

RewardPay offers a streamlined solution for your BAS payments for a nominal fee, allowing you to optimise earning of Amex points and benefit from up to 50 days of interest-free credit.

There are no set-up charges to use RewardPay. Once registered for RewardPay, you'll gain access to a user-friendly dashboard that lets you add payees and organise payments. 

You’ll be charged 2.4% + GST for each individual transaction up to $20,000. This equates to 1.68% after tax deductions and GST claims for most businesses (check with your accountant). What’s more, we offer discounts for larger individual payments. 

Your other business expenses can earn points too thrive

BAS payments are just the starting point. You can leverage your Amex/RewardPay connection to handle all your other business expenditure – everything from employee superannuation and supplier payments to rent and office supplies. It’s likely some of your regular expenses aren’t usually payable with a credit card, but with RewardPay they are. 

Give RewardPay a try and notice the effect on your rewards

If you’re sceptical about RewardPay, we urge you to give it a try. It costs nothing to join and you can dip your toe into the water with a small bill payment first, to see how the system works. 

Remember, you’re always in control with RewardPay. Through your dashboard you can add suppliers and decide which bills you want to put through our portal. Fees only apply when a payment goes ahead. Watch a video and see our pricing.