Are you planning to upgrade existing business equipment or buying new assets in the coming months? Whether your purchase is small or large, paying for new equipment through RewardPay ensures you optimise your earning of credit card points. While there’s a fee involved, the payback in points makes it more than worthwhile.

Turn equipment purchases into rewards

Earning Amex Membership Rewards points by using the RewardPay portal to pay for equipment purchases is a smart way to quickly grow your points total. There’s no catch – you just need an American Express card with sufficient limit to cover your purchases.

The points you earn can be used to buy flights, accommodation, and a wide range of practical and luxurious gift cards. Who gets the benefit of points redemptions is up to you. Keep them for yourself, or use them to strengthen relationships with employees, clients and suppliers. You can also use them to reduce business expenses, especially if you need to travel for work.

Our payment portal maximises your points-earning potential

While paying for business equipment and expenses with a credit card isn’t a new idea (probably you’ve been doing it for years), RewardPay does it differently. Our payment portal ensures you get maximum points earning for every purchase, even if the supplier doesn’t usually accept American Express cards. So you can shop for new office furniture, IT hardware and even vehicles without worrying about whether they’ll accept your card.

A streamlined payment process through our portal

To buy your business equipment, or anything else you need for your business, you simply pay us with your Amex credit card, then we pay the supplier for the purchase. It’s a streamlined process that’s easily managed through a dashboard within our portal.

The only limiting factor might be the credit limit on your Amex card. We recommend you negotiate the highest-possible limit, so that you can maximise points with every purchase. If you want our help or advice before you commit to a purchase, you can call our customer service team.

“Dealing with RewardPay has been great. The staff listen to what the customers have to say. Not a lot of companies go above and beyond to do that.” Luciano Schettini, Pastabilities.



Our portal and systems are super secure, with end-to-end encryption and strict compliance with PCI Data Security Standards.

Here’s how the RewardPay payment process works:

Up to 50 days interest-free credit to help your cash flow

Here's another big reason to use Amex and RewardPay to pay for business equipment and other major purchases: it gives your cash flow a helping hand.

By using the RewardPay payment process (you pay us with Amex, then we pay your supplier), you'll enjoy more than 50 days of interest-free financial flexibility. This feature of our service helps to maintain the financial oxygen in your business. It gives you room to breathe.

A closer look at cost versus benefit

There’s a cost associated with using RewardPay to pay for business purchases, however you get a big ROI through the benefits you receive (Amex points).

Here's a quick summary of the numbers:

  • There are no upfront fees to sign up with RewardPay. Once you're on board, you'll have a user-friendly payment dashboard at your fingertips. Managing payees and payments is straightforward. If you have any issues, you can call us for help.
  • For transactions of up to $20,000, there's a 2.15% fee, plus GST. After tax and GST deductibility (you’re welcome to check this with your accountant), it comes down to around 1.61%.
  • Imagine your monthly business expenses (any type of business outgoing) are $20,000. With RewardPay, you could earn up to 400,000 Amex points annually.
  • You might look at the 1.61% cost ($3,864) and wonder if you’re doing the right thing. However, the redemption value of your 400,000 points for flights is around $8,000, even after the usual taxes, fees and surcharges for travel bookings. So really, you’re more than doubling the money you need to spend to make it happen.

Why does RewardPay only work with American Express?

RewardPay chooses to partner with Amex because it means more points for you. All over the world, American Express credit cards are known for their high points-earning capability.

There’s an entire range of American Express credit cards for business, each designed to supercharge your rewards game. From the American Express Platinum Business Card offering up to 2.25 points per $1 spent, to the American Express ® Qantas Business Rewards Card for up to 2 Qantas points per $1 spent, you can find the perfect fit for your business and maximise your rewards potential.

The Australian American Express website shows all the cards available for personal and business use. If you’d like some guidance about the best card for your needs, make the most of the live chat feature on the website.

When it comes to experience, American Express is a true veteran. They've been business since 1850. Their first credit card hit the scene in 1958, so they've got over six decades of credit card know-how under their belt.

Spend the points you earn on anything in your rewards program

Paying for business purchases with RewardPay and racking up those Amex points is like supercharging your card's rewards program. The points you amass can unlock flights, hotel accommodation and a big choice of gift card options. Whatever’s offered in your American Express rewards program is up for grabs. Plus, you get to choose who reaps the rewards – whether it's your hardworking employees, valued clients, trusted suppliers or even yourself!

“Reward points are fantastic. I can get that free case of red wine and a weekend away with my wife once in a while, but most of the time I use it to reward staff. In fact, I've even rewarded one of my suppliers who's worked really closely with me and goes out of his way. I sent him a case of good quality red wine paid for with reward points.” Richard Romanowski, Planet Ark Power.


Planet Ark Power

Sign up for RewardPay online today

There’s no charge to join RewardPay. Fees only apply when you process a payment through our portal. You could start small, then add more business expenses as you see how the system works. Watch a video and see our pricing.