When you lodge your BAS (business activity statement) and there’s GST to pay, RewardPay makes sure you’re rewarded for every dollar that goes to the Australian Taxation Office. It’s not a hack or a loophole. It’s a legitimate and transparent process that ensures you get American Express membership rewards points for GST, PAYG withholding tax, PAYG instalments and other routine tax payments.

Our portal maximises your points-earning potential

While using a credit card for GST and other tax payments isn't a ground-breaking concept, the majority of credit cards fall short when it comes to rewarding your efforts. In many cases, they fail to provide the full points-earning potential, with some even offering no rewards for ATO payments. 

RewardPay, however, ensures that your points accumulation is consistently optimised. And the points you earn are very versatile. Depending on which Amex reward program you choose, you can redeem points for flights, accommodation and a wide range of big-brand gift cards. 

A closer look at how we do it

To ensure you’re fully rewarded for every tax payment and business expense, RewardPay has created a secure payment portal that allows you to settle your taxes (and any other business expense) using your American Express Card. 

It’s very simple – you pay us with Amex; we pay the ATO on your behalf; you get your normal credit card full points allocation ( not just half a point). Our systems prioritize security, employing end-to-end encryption and complying with PCI Data Security Standards. 

The RewardPay process at a glance: 

Unlock up to 50 days of interest-free credit 

There’s another big upside to settling your GST and other tax payments with Amex and RewardPay - enhanced cash flow. By using your Amex advantage, you’ll gain 50+ days of interest-free flexibility. It means the impact of tax payments is lessened, which is really handy if your business is having a cash flow emergency or seasonal slow-down. 

A modest investment for a significant return

RewardPay presents a streamlined solution for your GST and other ATO payments at a nominal cost, enabling you to maximize your Amex points earnings

  • There are no setup charges associated with using RewardPay. Once registered, you'll gain access to a user-friendly dashboard that lets you add payees and efficiently manage payments.
  • For each individual transaction up to $20,000, you'll incur a fee of 2.15% + GST, which equates to 1.61% after tax and GST deductibility (it's advisable to consult with your accountant for specific details). 
  • Imagine your business incurs monthly expenses totalling $20,000 (ATO payments and other general expenses). By leveraging RewardPay, you could accumulate nearly 400,000 Amex points annually. 
  • When considering the effective cost of 1.61%, which amounts to$3864 you might think you've invested significantly. However, the flight travel redemption value of your points is around $8,000, even after accounting for the taxes, fees and surcharges associated with travel bookings. 

Why we only partner with American Express 

RewardPay has forged a strategic partnership with Amex to offer the most attractive rewards earning rates to our members. In Australia, Amex cards are renowned for their exceptional points-earning rates.

Another compelling aspect of American Express is the choice of cards available. Personal card options include Platinum, Explorer, Qantas, Velocity (Virgin Australia) and Low Rate, while business card options encompass Platinum, Qantas, Explorer, Velocity and Gold. 

How you spend the points is your business 

The Amex points earned by managing GST payments through RewardPay open up a world of possibilities within your card rewards program. You can spend them on holidays for yourself and your family; use them to reward your best employees; buy gifts for customers; or recognise important suppliers. 

If you don’t already have an American Express card, personal or business, you can explore the extensive range of rewards-connected cards available on the Australian American Express website. Before choosing, it can help to use the live chat function on the website.  

Getting onto RewardPay before GST is due 

It costs nothing to sign up for RewardPay. Fees only apply when you set up a payment through our portal. Watch a video and see our pricing.