When your business premises belong to someone else, rent is usually a significant part of your ongoing monthly expenses. Warehouses, office space and retail locations can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars every year. You probably know this already, but did you know RewardPay lets you pay business rent with your Amex credit card, even if your landlord or property manager doesn’t accept Amex ?

RewardPay is a secure online portal that receives payments from your Australian-issued Amex card, then pays your rent or other bills on your behalf. Not only does this offer the cash flow flexibility of your card’s interest-free period, it also gives you American Express membership rewards points on each and every payment.

RewardPay brings an upside to paying business rent

Managing your expenses and paying your bills is usually one of the least rewarding sides of running a business. But when you’re earning valuable rewards each and every time, it feels a lot sweeter.

With RewardPay you can maximise your points-earning potential, then use your American Express Membership rewards program to redeem them for a wide range of benefits. The various Amex rewards let you exchange points for handy things like flights, accommodation, rental cars, popular gift cards and more.

How does RewardPay work?

There’s nothing sneaky or underhand about RewardPay. It’s a legitimate way to use an Amex card for business expenses, even when the payee isn’t set up to receive them. It also ensures you get the full reward allocation when paying an organisation that only qualifies for partial rewards, such as the ATO.

To pay your rent, you simply set up a free RewardPay account online then add your landlord’s details, the amount to pay and your Amex card information. We process your card payment and pay your landlord via your choice of electronic funds transfer (EFT) or BPAY.

Our systems prioritize security throughout. They employ end-to-end encryption and comply with PCI Data Security Standards.

“I love the portal. And then what gives me comfort is it still gives us the security we need as a business doing payments online.” Neil. Infusion 360

Enhance your cash flow with a 50-day interest-free period

Another benefit of paying your rent through RewardPay is the flexibility credit cards offer for managing your cash flow. American Express credit card transactions come with up to 50 days of interest-free credit. Every time you pay your rent with RewardPay, you can choose to reimburse your credit card immediately or any time during the interest-free period. This can help you to seize a good deal or clear a more urgent expense, without visiting the bank or paying interest on an overdraft.

“The biggest reason why I joined RewardPay was because it gave me the flexibility of maybe another 50 some days of cash flow without having to apply for a loan to the bank. So everything I get during the week, I pay that week. From the business point of view, it's been great.” Luciano Schettini, Pastabilities.



Why RewardPay partnered with American Express

We chose American Express as our credit card partner with you in mind. In Australia, Amex is known for great reward points earning rates. And with RewardPay you can access these rates even when someone normally requires another payment method, such as a direct bank deposit.

Another important benefit of Amex is the choice they provide when it comes to finding a card that suits your needs. There are five personal card options and another five for business. Both groups include Platinum, Explorer, Qantas and Velocity (Virgin Australia) options. There’s also a Gold card for business and a Low Rate card for personal customers.

What does it cost to use RewardPay?

The financial benefits available through RewardPay provide a strong return on the modest transaction fees involved. Thousands of Australian businesses have run the numbers, given RewardPay a try and now use it to pay most of their business expenses. Obviously the points you earn will depend on how much you process through RewardPay, but our fees are a small percentage of each transaction, so it stays in balance. Here’s how it works.

  • There’s no set up fees. After registering as a RewardPay user you get immediate access to the easy intuitive dashboard to set up payees and start making payments.
  • For each individual transaction up to $20,000, we charge a 2.15% + GST fee. This is normally equivalent to 1.61% after deducting tax and GST on the fee as a business expense (check this with your accountant for your business).
  • If your total monthly business expenses came to $20,000 (rent, ATO payments and other general expenses) you could earn 400,000 + Amex points each year.
  • At an effective rate of 1.61% for each payment made through RewardPay, your fees would add up to $3,864 a year. That might seem like a lot, but the Amex points earned would have a flight redemption value of about $8,000. And that’s after accounting for the usual surcharges, fees and taxes that come with travel bookings.

Getting started with RewardPay before your rent is due

There’s no charge to to sign up for RewardPay. Fees only apply when you process a payment through our portal. Watch a video and see our pricing.